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This setting ensures that the Internet Explorer setting for Protected Mode is not enabled.

If Protected Mode is enabled, the Configuration Manager client might not be able to install applications from the Application Catalog.

When you modify the default client settings, these settings are applied to all clients in the hierarchy.

You can also configure custom client settings, which override the default client settings when you assign these to collections.

When there is more than one available Application Catalog website point in the site, an HTTPS-enabled server takes precedence over a server that is not enabled for HTTPS.

Client settings for devices: Specify the maximum transfer rate in (Kbps) that will be used by Configuration Manager clients when outside of the specified BITS throttling window.

When the client is detected to be on the Internet, only the Internet FQDN is given to the client.

The client makes this service location request every 25 hours or whenever it detects a network change.

When the client’s site does not contain an Application Catalog website point, the management point nondeterministically returns an Application Catalog website point from the hierarchy.

When the client is on the intranet, if the selected Application Catalog website point is configured with a Net BIOS name for the Application Catalog URL, clients are given this Net BIOS name instead of the intranet FQDN.

This setting applies to users when their computer is on the intranet and the Internet; it must be configured as True or Yes if you also want to enable user policies on the Internet.

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