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It brings people with similar interests and goals into contact with each other in the fastest most efficient way possible and does it for free on top of that.

It saves so much time in meeting someone and working out when the best time to drop the ‘I’m married but looking around for something casual’ line into the small talk.

I went home that night and made my husband a drink.

I took a “very” cold shower and text my friend to say I would consider going back next week, dragging my attention back to the real world with considerable difficulty.

Now I don’t know about you, but just the mention of the word salsa conjures up images of perma tanned, curly headed, chest bewigged men and “older” women with sequins and lots of dark lip liner and frosted pink lippie.

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After all, the more money I save can be spent on my prospective loved one!Finding out about another person, sharing the first kiss with them, touching them for the first time are all life experiences so profound they deserve to be repeated.I hope to use this blog to keep you updated on my adventures.The commonest site xxxxxxxxxxxxx, says you can join for free, but registering is all you do.You cannot send or receive messages in any way, shape or form without a subscription fee (very expensive too), so the ‘free’ thing is basically a con as far as I’m concerned.I wasted so much time meeting women in various different places only to undone just as we were getting along famously by my unfortunate need to be honest about my situation.

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