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Ever have one of those friends you don't need an enemy for?Poor Sentins is already miserable with her full leg encased in plaster and angled so that she can't even put her leg down straight, and needs crutches to do -- everything -- not to mention her poor cold little toes are sticking out of the front of it and she has to go to school like this with all the guys looking at them!

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When Sentina stops to massage her poor aching toes and clean them off her friend sprinkles flower pedals on her exposed foot!

And she also needs her friend to assist her with anything that requires mobility because she can't use both arms to power the chair, and ends up going in circles using one arm!

So she sits like some movie star in her chair wearing big dark glasses while her friend pushes her around everywhere.

When they stop at the swings her friend takes her crutches away and makes Sentina hop across to pick them up off the floor.

Finallyu its too much and Sentina just has to sit and rest her crooked leg.

Sometimes she gets stuck and almost falls out of the chair.

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