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They need to compartmentalise and paywall everything in order to generate revenue, and that’s very difficult with television alone.The babe channels address this to an extent by separating off their audio and some content delivery onto phonelines, and perhaps encrypting some viewing.There were references to BS Cams in a small pop-up text bubble, but this could hardly be described as shouting a promotion from the rooftops. It was therefore difficult to work out Babestation’s exact motivation for screening this half hour Freeview transmission.The segment relied entirely on Bex to achieve several ends – not least providing a service to callers.

BS Cams had already established itself in this format on Sky Channel 945, and had been promoted regularly on the terrestrial shows in a peripheral or ‘snapshot’ form – but this was the actual cam stream’s first full airing on terrestrial screens.

Unless viewers actually dialled the number, I’m not so sure it did.

The Babestation Cams logo was inconspicuous on screen (with the “cams” element poorly colour-defined), and I didn’t hear any verbal mention of the brand. Don’t worry, I know what it is, but if I didn’t, this transmission wouldn’t have rendered me any the wiser.

So was this a case of Babestation pretending to be the Internet on terrestrial television?

Were they screening actual BS Cams footage to whet viewers’ appetites for the ‘real deal’?

But compared with what the Internet allows, TV is a hindrance.

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