Affiliate dating site web how to organize a speed dating night

Most dating sites charge their customers on a recurring billing payment plan, but affiliates generally do not receive recurring payments from referring those customers.Instead, dating sites offer a very large percentage of the initial payment amount from a referred customer.Although their actual commission payout may not be as high per sell as other programs, Match does offer the highest percentage based commission in the industry.Affiliates who are able to refer at least 30 sales each month are eligible for a 100% commission payout, while standard affiliates will receive 75%.Depending on the audience that an affiliate can advertise to, this variety of niches may be able to offer better sales conversions than other dating sites.There are literally dating niches for almost anything these days.

Spark Networks is another site worth mentioning in the Commission Junction network.

They are actually a network of a variety of niche dating sites that cover a very wide variety of topics.

They are also one of the better dating affiliate programs in this network that offers a decent pay per lead commission in addition to sales commissions.

Some of the highest paying dating affiliate programs do not pay per lead, but these programs are generally nationally recognized dating websites that are easily able to attract new members.

Dating sites that are only paying per sale will restrict the free members from accessing a lot of features on the site to encourage paid registration.

Their affiliate program is also managed by Commission Junction.

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