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“Despite the language barrier, I finally gathered that if they showed up for work with pale strap marks on their suntans, they would be in trouble.” Hartzog concludes by saying, “Since no official report of the incident ever arrived on my desk, I didn’t ask how it ended." is a retired 30-year NPS veteran having served at Jewel Cave National Monument, Bandelier National Monument, Navajo National Monument, Bryce Canyon National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, Joshua Tree National monument, John Muir NHS, Jean Lafitte NHP and the Washington Office of the NPS.

You can read more of his thoughts on the parks at Thunderbear. I'm old and fat and the sun feels as good on my old fat body as it ever did when I was a young hardbody.

The regulation is already broad enough to fine Jeff Davis for starting the Civil War, but we are now closing in on the nitty gritty, as in: 2.

Uses language, an utterance, or gesture, or engages in an act that is obscene, physically threatening, or menacing or done in a manner that is likely to inflict injury or incite an immediate breach of the peace.

This regulation shall not apply to a person under ten years of age. This omission should keep the and the local TV station at bay. Rick would patiently explain to them that Yosemite was a vast park with literally hundreds of ponds and pools where one could go naked without disturbing anyone. “PJ,” she sighed, “I reckon it’s probably not, but you know, it’s about the least of the things I have to worry about! Perhaps former Park Service Director George Hartzog should have the last word.

I recall sitting in Rio Grande Hot Spring in Big Bend National Park one moonlit night with my good friend Mike Stafford formerly of the Martinez, California, police department (and a Theodore Roosevelt look alike! The hot spring required a half-mile hike through the Chihuahuan desert, so it was unlikely that anyone would be bothered. According to Hartzog, “The fun in nearly all the recreation area parks will center on and in water.

CFR 36 and subtitles are basically what the park has to work with, unless they choose to enforce state or local regulations, which some do.

The days are getting longer, and lake, sea, and river water are getting warmer. “Because they’re depraved, left-wing libertines who probably voted for Obama! President Roosevelt pointed out to the Frenchman that he had forgotten to remove his gloves. You see, among some patrons, national parks are seen as museums of public virtue as well as natural museums. Apparently the task is more difficult than it looks, neighbors.

This leads to a desire on the part of some national park patrons to take off their clothes and a similar number of fellow taxpayers to complain about nudity, with the hapless park ranger in the middle. That is, the park ranger is expected to enforce the sort of public decorum that was the prevailing social code in the 1950s, if not Roosevelt’s time. Not the least being that our easily embarrassed government has had a surprisingly difficult time in legally determining what is prurient and what is not. The best that our bashful federal government could come up with was 36 CFR, Chapter 1, National Park Service, Part two, Resource Protection, Public Use, and Recreation. A person commits disorderly conduct, when with intent to cause public alarm, nuisance, jeopardy, or violence, or knowingly or recklessly creating risk thereof, such person commits any of the following prohibited acts: 1.

One day they invited the French ambassador to join them. Once at the pool, the three men stripped to the buff—or almost. Well, it is perceived as prejudicial to “decency and good order” by an always vociferous and outraged percentage of park-going taxpayers. Therefore it should have been simple for even the dullest federal legal hack to come up with a regulation against nudity.

President Theodore Roosevelt and his favorite appointee, Gifford Pinchot, chief of the Forest Service, enjoyed swimming nude in natural pools in Washington’s heavily wooded Rock Creek. ” So, if nude bathing is a bi-partisan affair, why is it a problem in the national parks? Nudity, by definition, leaves nothing to the imagination.

Americans of a certain age can recall the less than successful literary criticism efforts of the U. Engages in fighting, or threatening, or violent behavior.

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