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With 256 Amici campers at 35 different partner camps across Ontario, Amici supporters provided more camp experiences in 2015 than any other summer. We just wish to express our heart-felt thanks to Amici once again.And the campers and their families are excited to share their experiences with you: “My sons said that camp was like heaven – lots of enjoyable moments and full of positive energy. They became more responsible and learned how to get over challenges. Without Amici, summer 2015 for my sons wouldn’t be as wonderful as it was.”“One of my most vivid memories of camp was one from our trip in the Algonquin Park, a place I had always dreamt of going.This awesome donation was confirmed and announced at the League’s year-end banquet at Drums N Flats on November 9 The Compass Leadership Program, in partnership with RBC Foundation, aims to transform camp skills into life skills.Through regularly scheduled workshops and activities, coupled with mentorship from leaders with a background in camp, Compass aims to foster the personal development of young people. Amici kick-started the Compass Leadership Program at Camp Kawartha on October 14 -15,2017.

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Throughout the month we had the opportunity to run activities for younger campers.Donations of are welcome and you will receive a tax receipt.Please email Bill Meeker ([email protected]) to register or learn more.Camp helped me bridge the transition between immigrant and Canadian through immersing me in the beautiful Canadian nature and culture, and helping me improve my English.Although I HATED my first 3 day canoe trip – paddling hurt my arms, portaging was brutal and the pack felt like it was bigger than me – I fell in love with Algonquin Park.And the feeling of accomplishment and pride I felt at the end of my trip kept me going back on longer paddles year after year.

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