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We are diverse group who love to play games like Taboo, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Euchre and Fooseball. We are the friendliest group you will ever meet, you will feel like you have known us for years after 2 minutes! We are a group that get together once a month on Saturday nights to play games like Pictionary, Taboo, Fooseball, Euchre, etc. We are a very diverse group of folks and welcome anybody to join us who likes to play games. Never been to Boise, but have always heard good things. The good thing about nyc is you dont need a car and can bike to work Yuck suck to all 4 of those dead-end places. Austin is relatively inexpensive, progressive, great running community and trails, rarely rains and never snows. It's a smaller, more affordable city with easy access to the outdoors. I think your work life balance would be better there than NY. Nightlife was cool, but coming from NY it didn't it didn't resonate with me.You're also stuck in Texas and the outdoor opportunities, which are very important to me, weren't great.(Although all the cool kids live in Brooklyn these days.)At the same time I'm living here off of a job that pays about 30k/year (pre-tax). I don't have everything I want, but I'm okay with that.I'd definitely have a higher standard of living somewhere else so if that's important you need to take that into consideration.

Austin summers would be worse than Portland rain if you don't like heat.It doesn't always rain, but it rains enough to replenish the mud. If you make enough money you can get out of the city reasonably often. I'm happy with the running scene-a club for every taste-although it's crowded. It's fun to take the train up to Van Cortlandt Park every once in a while for a nice long run in the woods. So short answer: depends on what you're looking for.Don't go to austin, massively overrated in EVERY way. You will definitely be sacrificing some outdoors time, but if you make it a priority you can get out on weekends.We meet at Susan's home and there are games going on on three different levels of her home each party, so you can choose which games you want to participate in. You will feel liek you have known us for years after two minutes at a party!!At 31, and not single, I'm now more interested in places that have incredibly scenery and world class outdoor opportunities.

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