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As ruler number 21, Wak Chan Kawiil disappeared (probably murdered) around 562 when Calakmul (enemy city to the north) entered the scene.This event is known as the "War of the Stars." Tikal had exercised power over other cities governing institutions or alliances.The evidence suggests that it was a mixture of noble and warrior emissary.His name is Siyaj K'ak 'which translates as "the birth of the Fire."Eight days after going through Peru Waka Nace el Fuego reached Tikal and the story takes an unprecedented turn.Chak Tok ruled the Ich'aak and ended his reign (in death),then the offspring of Tikal is replaced by a new line linked to Teotihuacan.Uaxactun, a city north of Tikal refers to the arrival of the Birth of Fire and the institution of a new ruler.

There is no trace of war but the mentions of these events revolve around the concept of conquest.Contrary to popular belief, the dynastic succession was not so common, but the arrival at the Mayan kingdom begins to establish it as the way of spending power between governments.History suggests that the dark phase of the power of Tikal begins during the days of the "Lady of Tikal in 511, a noble of only 6 years old.Calakmul had begun a strategy of attack on this allied city, after which he entered the city of Tikal.The dates curiously correspond with the drop of power from Teotihuacan.The traces that refer to his reign, have prominent artistic detail and reveal a relationship with Teotihuacan, a city in Mexico more than 1,000 miles away.

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