Are we friends or dating quiz


You know, when there’s someone in your squad who…you kind of like? But, then again, you might not like them and they might not like you, either.The word “might” is particularly relevant here because, usually, there’s no certain way to tell what their feelings are–especially if you’ve been friends for a while.May be so it would be easier for him to leave but I'm not sure. I feel like this guy likes me, but I'm not 100% sure. He sometimes copies me, like if i write something on my music, he writes his music too. But i feel like he was joking, i think he acts like this to other girls...?? He’s the only guy I get nervous about when I think of him or talk to him.Out of band class, at lunch, he called me beautiful once,he mostly sits next to me, and said i love you once?!?! I told only one of my friends because I KNOW I can trust her and she’s KNOWS she can trust me.Problem is, neither of us actually knew if it really was a date or not!It was only after we started dating that we reflected back on that bubble tea outing and decided, yes, that was our first date. But we were also friends, so maybe she just wanted a bubble tea buddy.He added me back now I know I’m actually his friend I can take this.I liked this guy since last year I asked him to dance with me he didn't say anything but I think this other guy likes me but I don't like him like that he's not my type plus my friend likes him and I am so confused I could scream plus one of them commented on my legs the other day apparently I don't know who.🤔 This is a boy I think he misses you but it doesn't sound like he is in love but you will never no unless you ask him and tell him your felling I need a little help to I like this Girl and she does footsie and she Only flirts with me and I like her she put me under a bed and then started to tickle me but we are not bff so next girl on please answer me Okay, after meeting this guy and casually talking to his mum (used to work with) that i was going on a date with another guy and didnt notice him behind me, his mother turned and joked "guess you can't go out with her now, shes got a fella" he chuckled with eyes &head down then seemed to walk away embarrased.

Need help to determine if i should just ask this guy ouy for a drink or meal as im getting butterflies everytime i see him.I'm not sure if he has the same feelings, as I do to him.We hangout thursday-Sunday he comes over I cook for him and take him lunch to work they tell us are you guys a couple he says no friends. I'm confused I didn’t think we were friends but we still hang out a lot I did this thing on insta and it said tag ur squad I added my friends and him.— that pitiful place where you may wanna jump from the friend-ship to the more-than-friend-ship, but you’re just not sure where the other person’s at.A few years ago, my now-girlfriend asked me out on a date.Her intentions were for it to be a date from the beginning…but she didn’t know if I picked up on it. And I happen to like gelatinous tapioca pearls floating around in my taro milk tea. Well, it’s pretty effin’ hard to figure out if you’re going on a date sometimes! So find out if it’s really a date or not…or maybe somewhere in the confusing in between! Are you prepping for a date or for a casual hang out that may leave you a tad bit disappointed? 5 signs your crush definitely likes you back Follow Gurl, pretty please!

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