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Sandra Bullock in 2010 after five years of marriage and multiple cheating allegations.The divorce scandal engulfed James’s life, which led him to leave Los Angeles and his Hollywood world behind.When she comes home, he is her cheerleader and "knight" who loves her and protects her, and doesn't tell her he wants her to quit traveling or change her workload for him. Money was not the major criteria for partner-picking. He stands by the side of his partner, not in front of her or behind her.I believe Sandra Bullock described this type of relationship when she explained her marriage to Jesse James Sunday on the last Oscar edition of . " Sandra answered, "Not once asking me to be anything other than what I am." Sandra went on to say that her work got better because she could be both fearful and braver knowing she had him to go home to.Shouldn't this be the new model of a healthy relationship?I was talking about this phenomenon to Ali, age 30, and about the concept of women dating and marrying men below their economic status when she interrupted me by saying, "The whole 'dating down' idea is a dumb '50s concept.

They want a man who gives his partner space to go after the success she desires. Yet he doesn't require the family to circle around him.

Bullock, 52, and James were in the process of adopting Louis when it was revealed he cheated on the Oscar-winning actress multiple times. It’s part of life.”In April 2010, James checked himself into a rehab facility in Arizona to try and save his marriage, but Bullock filed for divorce in June.“It’s like people love to see you fall.

Tattooed model Michelle “Bombshell” Mc Gee, a stripper and a local photographer, was one of three women who came forward claiming they had affairs with James.shakes his headbecause he stepped out on the beloved actress.“The easy [putdown] is, like, oh well, you cheated on Sandra Bullock. And the farther you get, the higher you get, the more they love it.

Now James — who is married to Alexis De Joria — has revealed to the  The West Coast Choppers founder, 47, split from Sandra Bullock in 2010 after five years of marriage and multiple cheating allegations.

The divorce scandal engulfed James’s life, which led him to leave Los Angeles and his Hollywood world behind.

It's about the person we are looking for, not their checkbook." She convinced me that there is a cultural revolution going on that is redefining what goes into a healthy relationship whether the man or the woman is the breadwinner.

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