Cam free sweden


The seamless workflow of the user-friendly interface offers an efficient way to go from designs to part programming right inside of SOLIDWORKS.It’s perfect for woodworking, engraving, and much more.

Our 4 & 5 Axis Bob CAM for SOLIDWORKS packages deliver cutting edge CNC programming power, capable of handling your most demanding jobs with ease.With fully customizable cutting condition options, this system gives you complete control over how your parts are cut.Designed for precision manufacturing and cutting hard alloys, the new Wire EDM software lets you program 2 & 4 axis wirepaths within tight tolerance levels for all open and closed, inside and outside shape cutting.CAD-CAM Software (Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing ) allows for both the design and manufacturing of products through the CNC Machining process.CAM software creates Toolpaths from 2D wireframe and 3D models, produced in CAD software, and NC code to control the various types of CNC machines.Bob CAD-CAM integrate CAD and CAM functionality into a single, easily used interface for a smooth transition from design to Toolpath programming.

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