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Since Mc Nelis tends to avoid the red carpet and is hardly ever seen at events with Hunnam (which explains why I was blindsided by this news), it's hard to find out much information about her, but we do know a bit about Mc Nelis besides the fact that she gets to kiss Hunnam's face whenever she wants.For example, she designs jewelry and lives on a ranch with a hell of a lot of animals.Jewellery designer Morgana looked to be staving off a chill in the air, as she added a camel coat and black scarf to her ensemble.The actor admitted recently that when he worked with David Beckham on the upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, he went from a general feeling of indifference to developing a 'bit of a crush' on the sportsman.

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I’m not a football man, so upfront, I didn’t really have a strong feeling one or way or another.

Hey, want to hear something that will make your heart feel like it's been run over by 1,000 Sons of Anarchy motorcyclists? And not just that, they've been together for about seven years.

The rugged man of all your dreams, Charlie Hunnam, has a girlfriend.

The Australian International Business Times writes: Although she is supportive of Charlie’s acting career, she enjoys being away from the limelight and likes to give back.

She created a line of jewelry called the BC Armor Collection and donated the proceeds in the Boot Campaign, a worthy movement that cultivates patriotism and provides assistance to military personnel, veterans and their families.

That's right, people, your fantasies of recreating Kanye West's " Bound 2 " video with Jax Teller have been officially squashed.

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