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Detective Michele Deery works in a cubicle in the basement of the Delaware County courthouse, in Media, Pennsylvania.The only window is high on the wall, over a tall filing cabinet, and opens into a well, below ground level.

As soon as you walk through the doors of any Slimming World group, you can be assured of a warm welcome from your Consultant and fellow members – a bunch of really friendly people all at various stages in their weight loss campaign.

You’ll feel like shouting from the highest hill like I am at the moment!

I'd heard of Slimming World but thought it was for older ladies and felt embarrassed about attending, plus I thought they were going to announce my weight When I joined 3 weeks ago I was delighted - everyone was really welcoming and my Consultant was so supportive – and my weight was kept totally confidential.

But was he just playing a twisted game of seduction?

Both the policewoman and her target give the author their versions of the truth, in a case that challenges the conventional wisdom about online sexual predators, and blurs the lines among crime, “intent,” and enticement.

Before you decide whether to join, your Consultant will tell you all about Slimming World and Food Optimising.

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