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His story was featured on an internet blog posted by a younger white woman who he attempted to chat up by telling her of his sexually conquests earlier this year. 'That you had to pay for it,' replied the foreign woman; 'I've never had to pay for sex.' 'In Pattaya,' the Englishman replied, quite pleased to shock the young American woman, 'everyone does it. You should come and see.' The American woman, who was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand declined his invitation but was left wondering just what many of the foreign middle aged men, who are retiring to Thailand, are really up to.The Englishman from Pattaya, made his confession or boast to the white American woman while in Cambodia on a visa run, a routine for many foreigners in Thailand who do not have long term visas or legal status in the Thai Kingdom. " asked the American woman while they waited outside the Immigration center on the other side of the Thai border. 'It would be wrong to think that all foreign men in Thailand are like this, in fact most foreigners living in Thailand have stable relationships with Thai wives but there is a sizeable minority like that out there.In the last fifteen years, alongside the development of the internet, there are more people from rich countries migrating to poorer countries.This has been picked up in the most recent report of the UN and is currently being addressed by many developed countries.But the real story is about idealistic twenty somethings who are fascinated with the 'sex pat' culture.We've seen them produce You Tube videos, blogs and launch personal crusades online,' says James Morris.

It would be, as one expat put it; 'like taking a sandwich to a banquet.' A culture has developed among many expats in Thailand that having sexual relations with sex workers or prostitutes is not something to be ashamed of and is openly admitted and discussed.'I have a friend here, an Australian who comes from a respectable middle class family in Melbourne.After his divorce from his wife in Australia, he moved to Thailand and now works as a top executive in a media company here in Bangkok.George was formerly the owner of a bar in a well know part of Chiang Mai.'If you live in Chiang Mai and you're single,' he says, 'all you do is go to the bars and chase girls.' At an impromptu survey in a Chiang Mai bar, his friends, who are also retired white men discovering the secret life that Thailand offers, concurred that a more active sex life was one of the reasons that many had opted for Thailand.'Look I'm well past my prime, I could be one of those love hungry suckers who don't have chance in a pickup bar in New York or LA, wherever.

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