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and took the management and operations control of Saudi Arabia's oil and gas fields from Aramco and its partners.In 1989–90, high-quality oil and gas was discovered in three areas south of Riyadh: the Raghib area about 77 miles southeast of the capital.This should make it easier to actually meet people online since you will speak the same language, and maybe even live near each other.We also made sure to include both random text and video chat options, just like the original website.On , the Saudi Arabian government granted a concession to So Cal in preference to a rival bid from the Iraq Petroleum Co..The concession allowed So Cal to explore for oil in Saudi Arabia.

In 1957, the discovery of smaller connected oil fields confirmed the Ghawar Field as the world's largest onshore field.The American government granted US Aramco member companies a tax break known as the golden gimmick equivalent to the profits given to King Abdulaziz.In the wake of the new arrangement, the company's headquarters were moved from New York to Dhahran.ECC installed a new supercomputing system in late 2009 with a disk storage capacity of 1,050 terabytes (i.e, exceeding one petabyte), the largest storage installation in Saudi Aramco's history to support its exploration in the frontier areas and the Red Sea.While the company did not originally plan on refining oil, the Saudi government wished to have only one company dealing with oil production.Their first venture into it is with Petro Rabigh, which is a joint venture with Sumitomo Chemical Co. Saudi Aramco has employed several tankers to ship crude oil, refined oil and gas to various countries.

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