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In growth areas, permitted types of use and average gross density would be set, leaving to local ordinances the specification of net densities, building heights, yard requirements, and other details.

Perhaps other remedies are also possible, but time is short, and each day another 1000 acres becomes the city of the future; each day, more farms, flood plains, wetlands, and scenic areas are lost forever; each day, more urban sprawl, much of it shoddy, covers the land.

It is the technology we have created that facilitates this change, so perhaps we do have an obligation to deal with its consequences.

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This means laws they do not intend to enforce towards their own private property cease to exist.

Let us give these agencies the second, and most important part of the remedy for chaotic growth — over- all, regional control of all future urban development. Wheeler states: "Just a note to inform you that I am now the Port Engineer for American Trading and Production Corp.

Development control regulations would be some- what like local zoning regulations applied at the re- gional level, but, unlike local zoning, would include non-development districts and growth-priority areas.

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