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Meanwhile, Lexi, Bowie’s 15-year-old daughter with Imam, will have to wait until she’s 25 to get her hands on her inheritance.

Lexi will also get her father’s vacation home on Little Tonshi Mountain in upstate New York when she turns 25.

Bowie seemed to place the most trust in his 44-year-old son, Duncan, whose mom is actress Angela Barnett.

Duncan, a film director in Los Angeles, will receive a quarter of his father’s estate outright — about million.

The music icon was worth around 0 million when he died this month of cancer at 69, according to court papers.

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Tony Visconti said in 1986: “Coco kept the irritating people out of his life and Angie had become one of them.” Angie Bowie would later blame Schwab for the break-up of their marriage.

The news that David Bowie has left million to his PA in his willmakes him sound like a very generous boss.

But Corinne “Coco” Schwab was much more than the pop star’s secretary.

It is no exaggeration that Coco saved Bowie’s life on more than one occasion, so it’s no surprise that Bowie acknowledged her loyalty in his will by bestowing her million.

The Telegraph takes a deeper look at the Bowie-Coco relationship.

The man who gave the world millions of themes and weirdness and was dying at home of cancer, dreading Monday.

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