Comcast dating on demand seattle

That’s led to the rise of “skinny bundles” from traditional pay TV providers and over-the-top streaming service alike.

However, Comcast’s is different from the skinny bundle Sling TV offers, which makes cheap access (it starts at per month) to several cable channels – like ESPN – a key selling point for its base package.

But with two streams, you can record two shows at the same time, or watch one while recording another.

The service is largely a rebranding of Comcast’s existing Stream service, which has been in testing in select U. But Comcast execs later noted that the pricing was still in flux.

As it turned out, the company decided to inch up the starting price a little more.

And that will make the service a bit pricier ( the base ).

Premium cable networks HBO ( per month) and Starz ( per month) are also available as optional upgrades. When Comcast’s top video exec Matt Strauss confirmed the new service’s name and a few details earlier this year, he had said that the entry-level pricing would be per month.

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