Consolidating first second mortgages

VA (Veterans Administration) loans are only offered to qualified veterans and their surviving spouses.There are no income restrictions but borrowers must meet credit score requirements.There is a minimum credit score requirement for FHA financing.To qualify for a Streamline refinance, you must currently have an FHA loan and would like to lower your payment, interest rate or term on a new FHA loan.We treat every customer need, from local business to individual contact, with the same thorough professionalism.Greenoak Mortgages have access to many mortgage products that are not available on the high street, and often on exclusive terms.

For anyone to find the most suitable products and providers in any market you first have to possess the knowledge, experience and tools to find your way.

If you currently have a VA loan and would like to refinance to a lower rate/payment, that can be done with minimal cost by applying for a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL).

This special refinance does not require a new appraisal or income documentation. A USDA loan is a mortgage loan offered to borrowers looking to purchase property in rural areas.

View current HELOC rates Let us help you balance your budget with a consolidation loan.

Lower your monthly payment or significantly reduce the payoff time of current loans by consolidating your debt.

We look after our clients on a daily basis and understand the mortgage market and what is important to consumers.

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