Dating a cowboy


Holding true to the Cowboy philosophy, Bell is in charge of supplying music suitably attuned to the weeks subject as well as lining up many of the guests.All of the shows hosts agree on one theme statement: If its not fun, we wont do it!!

So here I am with my supposedly lofty knowledge of past and present Western Music and my widely accepted deep appreciation for our artists output. Were reasonably sure theyre out there, but from the git-go we do need to recognize certain things about them and about reaching them.

Many of my friends are in the film industry, says Pomilia, and Im apparently a member of what Grandpa Roy teased Grandma Dale, Aunt Cheryl & Aunt Mimi aboutbeing officers of The Talkers Club! For Out West Concert Series shows look at the Live Music page.

Happening Next previews whats coming, Happened has concerts in reverse chronological order dating back to 2010. Actually Ive brought all that up as sort of a tenuous platform to use in putting forth some ideas about the music business, what the general public expects, what we Western fans and performers have here and finally encouraging those fs and ps to at least begin deciding what they would want newcomers to think of Western Music! Through our New Media Committee and other means at our disposal the Western Music Association is embarking on plans to bring our musical genre to potential new audiences.

You just know any song that I would have been humming incessantly around here simply must be one of those great classic visions of our grand and glorious West! The Eggplant That Ate Chicago has been running through my head for the last two weeks. The song probably hasnt been played by anyone but Dr. I dont want it chomping around in my skull and I certainly didnt invite it to invade. Here are just some of the facts that may be pretty tough pills for Western Music diehards to swallow.

If its not currently running through your head at the mere mention, Eggplant was a recording from the late 60sdone in the days when the music industry wasnt afraid to occasionally put out a peculiar novelty instead of just being peculiar itself. My only trail back to our subject this time is remembering that it was created by Norman Greenbaum performing under the name Dr. Pill #1 (bitter, but not unexpected): Likely it will not be a new audience for Western numbering in the multi-millions.

Newhall is ground central for the renowned Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.

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