Dating a former cocaine addict


* They share many beliefs, experiences, and opinions – this is referred to as mutuality.Intimacy is an important aspect of being human because: * It is through intimacy that an individual gets to more fully understand who they are.Alcohol and drug abuse is the source of many problems for those who engage in this behavior.One of the earliest casualties from substance abuse will be intimacy.The addict is still likely to have people who love them, but there will be a sense of wariness mixed in with the affection.The person who is abusing alcohol or drugs may feel almost incapable of feeling true affection for other people – they are too self obsessed to think beyond their own needs.It may not be possible to progress very far in spiritual terms if people feel closed off from others.* Such relationships provide much needed support for the individual.

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* Intimacy can be a vital component of the spiritual path.An intimate relationship is said to include a number of elements such as: * Trust * Each individual will have extensive knowledge about the other person.* Those in an intimate relationship will feel affection and care for each other.It is a real shame if people miss out on these aspects of being alive.If people are abusing alcohol and drugs then it can be almost impossible for them to maintain intimate relationships.It is just not possible for people to abuse mind altering substances and maintain healthy relationships.

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