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The ten new outfits introduced this year are some of the most sought-after Ken ensembles and also the most valuable.There were also 12 Fashion Paks carried over from 1964.At Ken's Dream House, Barbie is awestruck at Ken's vast collection of clothes, but Ken, thinking that Barbie is still mad at him for what he has done to her friends, tries to talk Barbie out of it by bitterly saying how no one appreciates those clothes, only for Barbie to sweet-talk him into modeling a few outfits for her.This brightens up Ken, who hasn't heard Barbie talk to him like that before, and he shows off his various outfits to Barbie, to which she applauds.Potato Head attempts to stand up to Ken and kicks him in the shin, prompting Ken to have Big Baby imprison Mr. When Ken returns to the Caterpillar Room, Barbie calls out to him and begs him to let her be with him in his Dream House in the Butterfly Room.As Barbie begins sobbing, Ken gives in to Barbie's plea and makes her promise to do what he says.As Ken finally shows off his martial arts moves in his Kung Fu Fighting outfit, he sees that Barbie is gone.

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Seeing that it is a ploy by Barbie, Ken defiantly refuses, but decides to let her try.Ken is first introduced when his boss, Lotso, tells him that Andy's toys have arrived.Shortly afterwards, Ken catches sight of Molly's old Barbie doll and falls in love with her.Little do Barbie and Andy's toys know that Ken is aligned with Lotso as one of his henchmen.Ken then shows his Dream House to the toys and expresses his desire to share it with someone else, making Barbie more lovestruck. One of his famous outfits include a disco outfit and his bedroom outfit.

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