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The vast majority of GL's however feature the newer "back-loader" design.

The L series have the most widely varied options on them, as almost every single feature Ned designed was available on these units: Trans Trems (both guitar & bass), S-Trems, 12 string bridges, DB bridges for bass, active & passive EQ, most pickup configurations - all were available options throughout the years.

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Click here for more history info on these special EMG bass pickups.

When the factory moved from it's original location in Brooklyn to Newburgh they continued to make the L2's.

But they also started work on a guitar and new bass version.

Today the use of composite materials is commonplace - graphite reinforcing strips in necks, phenolic nuts.

But when Ned Steinberger first introduced his bass in 1980 it was a ground breaking achievement.

An employee owned white GL4-12 personally signed by Ned.

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