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Foreign Dating Forum is international dating community where women throughout the whole world are searching for friendship, relationship and love with Western and Scandinavian men.

Whether you are a woman interested in Scandinavian or Western dating or a Scandinavian or Western man who wants to get contacted by foreign women then you should get to know Foreign Dating Forum.

"I don't think the Shirley Valentine effect has ever really died down and women still have a fantasy about running off to a Greek island and marrying the waiter in their local taverna, while he's still got a job, that is.” She added: “Despite the crisis, Greece still has enormous romantic appeal because of its sheer beauty, and young Greek men are hugely attractive as well, with most speaking good English." Jonny Lis, 27, from London, has lived in the Philippines for three years.Globally, 32 per cent of expats reported being in a relationship with a person who hails from their adopted country – and the survey revealed the locations where you’re more likely than average to be swept off your feet by a local resident.Oliver Stahman, 40, an artist and writer from Hamburg, Germany, has lived in Peru for six years. He said: “Peruvians are lovely welcoming people and very open minded towards foreigners.They start chatting and one day they come over to meet them.Sometimes it’s a bit disappointing when they meet the girl or the guy but then they meet someone else once they’re here.” Oliver travelled to Peru because he wanted to visit Macchu Picchu.That made Russian woman realize how loving and caring her husband was.

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