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At that time, Springfield, Massachusetts was comparable to modern-day Silicon Valley—known for industrial innovation, concentrated prosperity, and the celebrated Springfield Armory.Most importantly, it was a city that had built itself up from frontier outpost to national power through ingenuity – an example that the newly named Springfield, Illinois, sought to emulate.Lake Springfield, a large artificial lake owned by the City Water, Light & Power company (CWLP), supplies the city with recreation and drinking water.Weather is fairly typical for middle latitude locations, with hot summers and cold winters.Springfield Whigs tend to validate several expectations of party characteristics as they were largely native-born, either in New England or Kentucky, professional or agricultural in occupation, and devoted to partisan organization.Abraham Lincoln's career mirrors the Whigs' political rise, but by the 1840s Springfield began to fall into Democratic hands, as immigrants changed the city's political makeup.Most voters were short-term residents who participated in only one or two elections during the 1850s, and fewer than 1% of all voters participated in all 10 elections.

His farewell speech when he left for Washington is a classic in American oratory.

He spent the ensuing six years in New Salem where he began his legal studies, joined the state militia and was elected to the Illinois General Assembly.

In 1837 Lincoln moved to Springfield and spent the next 24 years as a lawyer and politician.

Officeholders were particularly persistent and socially and economically advantaged.

Persisters represented a small "core community" of economically successful, socially homogeneous, and politically active voters and officeholders who controlled local political affairs while most residents moved in and out of the city.

Settlers from Kentucky, Virginia, and as far as North Carolina came to the city.

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