Dating job really worth

The season typically ends in a proposal, though only one couple from “The Bachelor” and three couples from “The Bachelorette” are currently married.(Another bachelor, Jason Mesnick, did marry a contestant, though not the one he originally chose.) The show’s host, Chris Harrison, has become a household name and the spokesman for romance, as contestants experience their 15 minutes of fame, often followed by appearances in spinoffs like “Bachelor in Paradise” and a spike in their Instagram followers.The show features well-groomed men and women discussing their fear of intimacy in a glamorous Los Angeles mansion and various tropical locales, however, the televised journey for love can take just as big a hit on their finances as it does on their self-confidence.(ABC declined to comment on this article.) Contestants do receive gift bags with sponsored items like bathing suits and yoga mats, and some have been able to parlay their appearance on the show into a media career.“Filming was mentally and physically exhausting,” Murphy says.“I had to take time out every day to be alone with myself.” The show provides food for contestants, but when staying in the mansion, any cooking, laundry and other chores are up to them.“I had to set up auto bill pay and give my parents my deposit slips and access to email passwords.” As far as wardrobe, Lane says he only bought one new suit for the show, but other contestants showed up with “gobs and gobs” of new clothes.

After completing various interviews, questionnaires and background checks, contestants typically find out that they have been accepted to the show about two to three weeks before filming begins.Lane estimates that former contestants can make about ,000 to ,000 for appearances at bars or other venues, and promoting products on personal social media accounts usually doesn’t add up to a livable salary unless you’ve gained more than a million followers.“It’s not a way to make a living, it is more of a supplemental way to get something out of being on the show.” Despite the downsides to reality TV fame, both Lane and Murphy say they don’t regret the experience because of the transition it brought to their lives — for better or worse. I came away with a lot of great friends,” Murphy says.“Everyone knows who you are and employers see it as a distraction.” Lane first appeared on the franchise nearly a year ago, and is still undergoing his job search.It is possible to financially benefit from that fame, but the returns are minimal for most people.Other contestants have been more thrifty, signing sponsorship deals with clothing labels or borrowing from friends.

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