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Soca has worked hard to understand the nature of this crime and how it can be tackled, and this study provides further insights into the extent to which it is affecting people in the uk. In some cases, even when victims cannot, or will not, send money, scammers involve them instead in money laundering by asking them to accept money into their bank accounts.

Have been persuaded to part with large sums of money before their suspicions are aroused. Koeppen spoke with a man whose picture has become a favorite of online scammers. They further estimate over 1 million people personally know someone who has been scammed.

Commenting on such fraud recovery scams, Colin Woodcock (Fraud Expert at SOCA) stated that if anyone thought they couldn't touch him, the Agency would state that complacency was one great danger, as reported by Press Association on June 1, 2010.

send it directly to [email protected] SOME UNSUSPECTING residents in and around Kumasi metropolis have fallen victim to the fraudulent activities of two young men who allegedly posed as police officer and human resource agent for their respective organisations in a phony enlistment programme.

The online fraud usually involves criminals setting up fake identities using stolen photos of attractive people, often models or army officers.

After they establish a relationship with the victim, the criminal will then ask for financial help.

According to the SOCA, these e-mail scams appear to be getting more-and-more sophisticated and increasingly plausible since cyber criminals often manage to stay just ahead of law enforces and publicity.

The SOCA further warns that victims not only expend a large financial and personal cost owing to these scams, the scammers frequently use the deceptively-collected money for financing other crimes like people trafficking and drug peddling.

But if people became wiser, probably the criminals would move to something else.

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