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I often get up in the middle of the night to write something down so it doesn’t vaporize.I keep a blank sheet and a pencil on my desk at all times. I am not bothered if you have tattoos as I do like them. I recently moved to Galway and am looking for friends. I am a fun loving adventurer who is looking for a steady partner in crime. I'm a free spirit who's looking to travel the world and build a lifetime of fantastic memories...Aaron Tier (23) captured the video and told "It was a horse from the area.Just some kids messing about having a laugh." The video has generated quite the reaction online, with some even suggesting it should enter Cheltenham.A Garda forensic team was called to the scene last night and a post-mortem examination was carried out by State Pathologist Marie Cassidy at Limerick University Hospital today.

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It’s subject matter – the one that draws the most attention – oral sex. It is a very well put together website run by a generous and diligent administrator, Harry in Belfast. His only request is that they be witty and humorous and lewd within reason.He has great appreciation for poets and poetry and appears to be a big fan of limericks. He offers poetry challenges and a limerick challenge is one of them. I have submitted three limericks (all posted here previously) which I feel meet the witty and humorous standard.A businessman can continue his action for damages against members of a law firm over the manner in which it defended him in legal proceedings over a leak from a petrol station he operated in Limerick, the High Court has ruled.Patrick Mc Donagh leased the Singland Service Station on the Dublin Road from Mc Mullan Brothers when, during January 2003, an underground leakage of petrol occurred.There are a number of flats and apartment blocks in the area and the particular building is separated into a number of flats.

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