Dating site rip offs double your dating by deangelo


All they do is send you matches they say are "compatible". Winn E, we have made improvements as to our services thus our site will appear different, we hope in a positive fashion.

While you do have the ability to browse your received matches, simply searching for matches has not been part of our model.

I will continue to warn people against this site because i almost feel scammed and wouldnt want it to happen to some other innocent person simply looking for love Bella B., I’d like help you, allow me to review your account.

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I signed up had a phone interview with one of their advisors about how to optimize my account. Got matches every day yet got no responses from any of them.Please reach out to me at [email protected] first few days of becoming a member had an excellent match - however did not work out and was authentic.Since the first few weeks, every time someone reaches out to me - including canned questions - a few days later get an email "we decided to terminate this profile".I paid for one year membership and have nothing to speak for it.Had nothing in common with most of the matches i got.The algorithm used to determine matches is very inaccurate.

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