Dating sites for people with no children

These are not choices, but they are groups that face longer odds because they don’t fit into many people’s preferences. The Jewish rocker could cut his hair to appeal to his demographic.

So if you’re in one of the above minorities and you’re faced with a frustrating situation, you have a choice: Keep doing what you’re doing, or change. I just have to point out the obvious: If you’re only open to dating 5% of the population – you’re going to have a harder time finding love. The vegan could tolerate a man who eats chicken and eggs.

By the way, thanks for putting yourself on the line with this one – a lot of readers can identify with you.

Evan I just thought I would weigh in from the woman’s perspective.

I’m willing to take a risk by contacting women who list that they are “not sure” about wanting children.

I’m wondering if there are other types of women worth taking a risk on.

I don’t want to date someone, grow attached to her and then feel hurt when the parenthood issue sends us off on our separate ways.

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I know you don’t have a magic wand, so I just have to play the hand I’ve been dealt.The point is that he is, as he pointed out, in a position of scarcity.Act with integrity and his pool of dateable women diminishes considerably.A Last Will and Testament is an important part of every individual's estate plan.This Will - Single with No Children is useful if you are single and have no children and do not intend to have children.It would be like me saying that I want to drive a car, but I’ll only drive a hot pink Lamborghini that I see being driven down my street. I don’t blame you, Steve, for not wanting to have kids.

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