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Partners do not have anything against each other but also nothing for which to struggle. f=6&t=413 I (male) am an ENTJ that has been married to (female) an ISFP for 38 years. I also agree that gender is an important issue, women and male ENTJs can be very different in dating preferences.These relations can normally bring a feeling of satisfaction from interaction with an equal and not boring partner. Its fascinating, but I don’t really understand it completely.Fi as a mental process is the flow of judgements on perceptions personal ideals or feeling of right and wrong.Fi strives for integrity and consistency in it’s ideals.Further discussion revealed that we react very differently to memories.I was talking about how something like music or something like a photograph can remind me how I at the time I associated related memories, but he said that to remember how he felt, he would have to ‘reload his premises’ from that time - i.e.In other words, both partners are likely to think that the other cares about the wrong things, at the wrong times, and misallocates emotional impact. All marriages take work whether you are both N’s or N and S.

I can’t help thinking that it can only help to match all 4 functions, and that too in a utilitarian (i.e.He was explaining that he notices lyrics in detail, but music simply doesn’t affect him emotionally, unless it is magnifying an emotion he is already feeling. as an INTP, he is more likely to pick music based on his mood, wheras my mood seems to respond to the music.We traced this odd difference to a Fe Vs Fi thing, but it got me thinking.And if it makes me famous, or at least finds me the right girl, I won’t complain. I even know a couple of ESFPs quite well, but I can’t help but feel like wind is blowing through their heads. The strong sides of the partners are different in the such a way that almost any conversations between them always fall into the area of the confidence of only one of the partners.It is my opinion that this theory works only if both partners are N or both S. Look-a-like partners also have similar problems which makes them feel rather sympathetic towards each other instead of being critical of each other’s vulnerabilities. Collaboration between them may be very fruitful especially if partners feel a mutual is Fe, and the other Fi) The assumption is that instincts are tougher to train than the intellect. Emotional compatibility (and to a slightly lesser extent, physical compatibility) are probably best when F-states and S-states are not in conflict, whereas ‘N’ and ‘T’ functions can always evolve over the life of a relationship towards mutual compatibility.

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