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But the upside is that you gain a level of functionality with the Advance controller that’s unmatched by any other keyboard on the market.The user manual describes VIP as a “production hub and advanced content library designed for Akai Professional Advance Series keyboard controllers.” This hints at what I think is one of Advance’s biggest selling points: VIP’s browser.Tweaking synth parameters with these knobs felt more like working the dials of an upscale hi-fi system.I found I could make subtle adjustments by dragging the tip of my finger across the top in either direction, a better experience than grabbing smaller knobs with forefinger and thumb.The new Advance keyboard range sets the bar high for what we can expect from a controller, but does it truly combine all the playability and immediacy of hardware keyboard workstations with all the sonic horsepower of working with virtual instruments? Overview The Advance keyboards are available in 25-, 49- and 61-key versions with nearly identical features across the entire range.I say nearly, because the 25-key version has smaller knobs and pads than the larger models, but is functionally identical to the bigger ’boards in every other way.As a host, however, VIP only supports the VST format.

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Others, such as Akai’s own MPK range, include a software editor with which you can assign MIDI CCs and save these setups to the hardware for later recall.I found it translated my musical intentions very well when playing multisampled acoustic and electric pianos.If a particular software instrument doesn’t feel right, you can always adjust Advance’s velocity curve and sensitivity.Eight velocity and pressure sensitive MPC-style pads are also onboard.These light up in different colors to indicate the currently active bank or some other status.This approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

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