Disabled devotee dating

It is likely that you will be doing the same type of educating that you would do with a non-dev date.

The plus side is that you never have to wonder if the things that come up because of your disability will be a turn-off or ruin a date. Also, every disability is different and every individual person is different.

I know when I first started exploring this side of myself in dating, I went out with guys I had nothing in common with and extremely different personalities just to see if physical compatibility could overcome that. If the dev you are interested in has not had any experiences with disabled lovers before, it is good to remember that he or she might be too overcome with attraction to watch for the other elements of a relationship and you should keep an eye on that.

After some thought, though, some concerns might arise. Based on myself and many messages and conversations that I’ve had with other devs, I’m putting some common questions here. Most are afraid of being considered creepy and scary and so don’t want to identify themselves.

Please ask your own questions in the comments or by email! As you might expect, they are people just like every one else. Remember that they deserve compassion and respect just as much as you do.

I am also wary of folks who call themselves “devotees”.

These are individuals with disability-related fetishes. They gravitate toward amputees, but some are attracted to women in chairs.

I still sometimes fall victim to being too overcome by a guy’s hotness to be honest about our likely long term potential, but I think that is something that happens in all forms of attraction! If you two find that you are compatible in many ways and start a relationship and fall in love, then that love rises above physical factors.

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