Emotional intelligence dating best online dating sites 2016 australia

The theory of Emotional Intelligence identifies four key abilities: Perceiving emotions The ability to detect and decipher emotions in faces, pictures, voices, and cultural artifacts—including the ability to identify one’s own emotions.

Perceiving emotions represents a basic aspect of emotional intelligence, as it makes all other processing of emotional information possible.

Managing emotions The ability to regulate emotions in both ourselves and in others.

Therefore, the emotionally intelligent person can harness emotions, even negative ones, and manage them to achieve intended goals.

The ability to hold back and not be impulsive can be very helpful in online dating.

On the other hand, during early days it can be difficult to judge a man’s degree of interest in commitment generally or in you specifically, as well as his general emotional intelligence.

Love is one of the most important cues to commitment.

Because sex is one of the most valuable reproductive resources women can offer, they have evolved psychological mechanisms that cause them to resist giving it away indiscriminately.

Take the time to observe a man over a period of time beginning a sexual relationship with him. Spontaneous touches and gestures of affection should bring you closer.

Here are the best ways of assessing a man’s ability to engage in emotional intimacy leading to love: How does he feel about his family? Does he enjoy being touched in an affectionate manner?

Your emotional life, much like maths or reading, can be handled with greater or lesser skill.

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