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In 2005, Dan attended a lecture by renowned psychologist Paul Slovic. Fascinated by Slovic’s work, Dan immersed himself in the scientific literature.The result was a seminal book on risk perception, Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear.Dan’s writing at the Citizen won, or was nominated for, most major prizes in Canadian journalism, including the National Newspaper Award, the Michener Award, the Canadian Association of Journalists award, the Amnesty International Canada Media Award for reporting on human rights.

Cynthia really needed a vuvuzela for the #lgtwins #Baseball game yesterday!

It was before I ever truly had my heart broken, too.

There were disappointments down the line, of course, but he and I actually still talk to this day.

Lastly, action research and a teacher's journal can increase teacher's self-accountability.

A., York University, ’95), Dan first worked as a policy advisor to the Premier of Ontario. In the years that followed, he travelled widely, researching long features about drugs, criminal justice, torture and other challenging issues.

I made templates to write the date, the weather, and how they are feeling (these vocabulary words are posted around the classroom) I also included some space to write down a few target vocabulary words or phrases.

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