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Shout-outs to my Arab brothers and sisters 🙂 5) I will not have my ‘African-ness’ questioned in order to give legitimacy to those who’ve fetishized this region as that only consisting only of kente clothes, and West Africa. Those who do not conform to your fabricated illustration of what Africa looks like.The Tuaregs are just as African as the Ashanti people. Go fetishize the women of your own nation, and learn to exalt their beauty as divine.Are we allowed to occupy spaces because our features legitimize anti-black narratives? Are you consistently complimented on your ‘features’ and how often do you hear remarks like ‘East African women are so gorgeous’ (they are indeed; but all African women are stuff of dreams, but that reality can exist while challenging the roots of the paradigms that legitimize that narrative) 2) Non-East African black women, do you consider us one of your own? Apparently my facial features and the texture of my hair were enough to dismiss my Somali peers and I as ‘mixed-chicks’ or ‘probably Indian or some shit’ 3) We’re not mixed.Rewriting the histories of people/cultures is not an effective tool to dissect the political/cultural implications of valuing Horn of African beauty above other African women.I’ve spent years convincing/educating my African sisters that the rumors of our ‘mixed’ heritage are without evidence. How does that diminish our role in any construction of an universal African consciousness?

Till then, keep your Arabs out of my family lineage please.We can challenge anti-black rhetoric without reducing our continent to one phenotype; setting it as the standard, and dismissing everything else as something perverse and diluted. But we’re also suspicious of your need to single us out(the few that do). 7) East-African women, sit down and shut up once in awhile.6) Non-East-African men who tell us we’re beautiful, please stop. The texture of our hair is as ancient as cave paintings in Las Gaal( shoutouts to Somaliland), but I’m also aware of the cultural climate that allows you to value mine above a sister who has tightly coiled curls. Be present to how your looks can replicate oppressive ideals of what blackness looks like. Infact, pick a book, and be more than this high-fashion model caricature. 8) Somalis, if I hear the sentence ‘Oh I didn’t know he/she was Somali, they don’t look it’, I’ll sentence you to the invasive enhanced pat down and a lifetime without Diana skin lightning cream.Migrations forced from political instability during World War II and its immediate aftermath highlighted the international dimensions of problems presented by unprecedented volumes of displaced persons including those rendered effectively stateless.Dating from December 1948, The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights“at Article 15 affirms that: (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.This completed the unfinished work of the Refugee Convention three years prior.

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