Ffxi not updating


Funny, I’m not even sure if anyone looks at this site, but I feel guilty for putting it up here and not updating it. Poor Kinkykitty has been swapping between her PLD & BLM to try and keep up levels, but she doesn’t enjoy PLD as much, so hopefully at 60 she can go to BLM full time, for our team.

If you kill the mob too quick, or if you can’t hardly touch the mob because you are too high, then you aren’t feeding it tp so that it will do its move… The speed leveling trend makes for really newbish 75’s who have an attitude that they have accomplished something great even though they just hurried thru the job, not bothering to understand it nor doing thier best at being a team member.I leveled my thf to 11 with Kauri & Squeekers yesterday in the orc camp. I have the key for my hat (ty again Mieka & Rainer), so just need to go try and get it, when I have enough time to spend on it, and when I can gather some friends to help me. aw *heart melting* I have fed him once, a gysahl green, which made him niether hungry or full. It was so crazy and there were so many people there.Thinking I might level it a bit to see if it can help me with farming something.. Also – A big congratulations to my good friend Rainer who beat Maat yesterday! My intention I think is to not try and feed him unless he is hungry, because I’m afraid to over feed him and have to buy the special grass that cures stomach ache or illness.. O.o I am going to see if maybe I can grow some of that grass, although I’m a bit disheartened because I tried to grow saruta oranges with my mule Laurelai and yesterday when I harvested I ended up with 5 ice crystals.. I don’t seem to have much luck with the crafting or the gardening so far. At one point we were camped by the first Banishing gates, and after our first fight another party formed and camped right beside us.I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 yesterday just to see if I liked it and that everything would work. But I have done everything above, and mine still wont work. You follow this method but make sure you disable your antivirus temporarily to install it.The upgrade was flawless and after disabling all the privacy options I could and updating the Nvidia driver to 353.62, I tried to load Final Fantasy XI. My directplay in the legacy components when I check it just comes up with an error and wont install. I have Avast, and apparently something with Windows 10 and Avast prevents Direct Play from installing unless you disable your antivirus.My theory on this is that I thought I saw somewhere there where 5 different types of chocobo breeds or whatever.

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