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I was so scared to leave her on her own and my dad always said to me that if you keep them by your side for the first three months they'll never leave your side so I kept her with me wherever I went.It's hard to walk away when you see a dog who needs help.I have, it's been really fun and I'm also booked to film next year so it's very exciting. Well, to be honest I think it was a bit about timing and luck.I think a lot of people say that who've been trying to do it for a while and then get a break.

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Younger dogs might not mind flying so much, but driving does seem to be the way forward for a lot of people. If so, has it changed anything for those who have been looking to relocate overseas?

Danni Menzies is one of the newest presenters to join Channel 4's long-running property TV show 'A Place in The Sun'. I was devastated and really wasn't sure about getting another dog to be honest.

With a pedigree in property development and hospitality through the family business, Danni's interests in all things fashion, music and motors have seen her take the lead hosting motor events, interviewing backstage for Radio 1 and modelling for fashion magazines around the world, but a move into property in one form or another was at some point surely inevitable. I started looking through adverts for puppies and being, at that time, very naive, as to puppy farming and that whole industry, I learnt the hard way.

She always looks at you like she's saying 'where's the ball, where's the ball? For me, I'll always give everything a good go but one thing I've always taken from my mum is a bit of a Scottish one and it's 'what's for you won't go by you'.

Describe the last time Kinky made you laugh out loud.

So, someone got in touch and said 'my agent is looking for someone who's got property experience, have you got any?

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