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Naturally that was one of those days when Jill worked the morning shift at her job, meaning I had to retrace my drive to recover the keys.

Other demands on my time kept me pinned down for a few hours before I could get to our apartment.

Part of me went into shock, while the other part said this was going to make a great entry in my notebook of coincidences.

The rest of the day my head was in a whirl; what was going on?

This one sounded the same but the music was as different as night from day.

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Worse yet, upon closer examination I ascertained that it contained a goodly amount of the white stuff, not yet dried out.

My educational credentials consist of a high school diploma and two years in college before dropping out due to lack of finances.

Being a tinkerer by nature, plus my two years of college, allowed me to land a fairly decent job maintaining office equipment and the like in the thriving metropolis of Minneapolis.

However it left an echo in my head long after it was gone along with the silvery laughing voices that always accompanied the ending of each piece.

Then reality would rush in to fill the void, thus bringing the seizure to a close.

The keys were on the bedroom chest of drawers, just where I'd left them.

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