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I sincerely write none of this to impress you, make you pity my struggle, or make me seem like I’m something I’m not.

I still struggle against the pull of mediocrity and focusing on problems instead of solutions.

I followed my passion in improving human performance and became a college strength and conditioning coach — a profession where my success depends on how well I can communicate.

Not only did I learn to live with my weaknesses but I chose a path where I would have to challenge it, over and over again.

To say it lowered my self-esteem as I was trying to mature into manhood is an understatement.

I’d like to say I got to hit him back a few times and make him retreat a little, but the truth is I couldn’t land a glove on him. Something had awakened in me during my time at this gym.

He was too good and he continued to snap my head back over and over. What mattered was that I didn’t walk out of the ring. Something that I believe my father knew had to happen for me to have a fighting chance in life.

I grew up with a really bad speech impediment — a stutter that made it really difficult for me to have a conversation with even my parents.

Because of it, I spent my early childhood with hardly a friend.

This is instead a call to action for those who think its ok to complain about things they cannot change and have not the heart to continue on in face of struggle.

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