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When the cameras start to roll, the show truly begins, and like we said, Chris was about to get a good punishment today.Watch as Jeff gets straight to work oh his ass at today.As always we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next week with even more spankthis pics everyone!Check out website and have fun watching other hot guys getting naked in front of the camera!Again the master spanker Jeff makes his return and he has more work for his hands to do as he gets to lay down some rules on another sexy and hot ass today.But let’s just say that Jeff isn’t going to just deliver some lessons in manners today.Another fresh week and time for some more nice and fresh spankthis video scenes to be shown to you today.In this nice update, we bring you Jeff yet again and this time he gets to punish his boyfriend for sneaking out without telling him and then trying to sneak back in when he returned.

And you can bet that Brant was going to take this spank this punishment as a good little man slut that he is.Well that’s about everything that we have for you this time guys.But as usual you can expect even more sweet spankthis pics and of course videos on our next week’s updates.The two horny hunks get to have a go at one another’s perfect asses in a basement where no one can disturb them from their little fuck fest.It all began with them having somewhat of a lover’s quarrel, and since they are a couple they have to solve this somehow now don’t they.They lock themselves in a boiler room to not be disturbed.

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