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In recent years numbers attending each month vary depending on the season and so TG uses a variety of venues to suit the scale and also to keep the experience fresh and changing, from 1919 World War I ship HMS President moored on the Thames, returning to the Electrowerkz and Ministry of Sound, and celebrating its 4 biggest events of the year at 9 room, 2500 capacity Coronet Theatre.

As London’s general clubbing culture and society has changed TG has found its biggest threat has come from so many large London club venue closing down and the future seems uncertain despite interest in TG events being as big as ever.

Torture Garden was named after the 1899 novel The Torture Garden (Le Jardin des supplices) by Octave Mirbeau , which was set in a Chinese Garden of Torture.Torture Garden is the World’s largest Fetish / Body Art Club.Events Attract 800 - 2500 people monthly to various London venues, with occasional International tour events all around the World.From tabloid to channel 4, fetish was now generally depicted in a positive light.In the 2000’s it seems that everyone knows someone that's been to Torture Garden and it's generally becoming acceptable.However fetish and fetish clubbing is not for everyone, and we don't want just any-body at our events.

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