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One of those exceptions is the Shoop Site, located on a flat irregular plateau near Armstrong Creek in Dauphin County.In addition to fluted points, artifacts recovered from the site consist of generalized cutting and scraping tools similar to those found on other Paleo-Indian sites in the Northeastern United States (Witthoft 1952).Paleo-Indian populations are believed to have lived in small, kin-based, hunter-gatherer bands and to have hunted cold-adapted animals such as caribou and woodland bison.

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Although such differences are largely ones of changing resource focus, trends in culture change can also be seen to link these periods.

For the purposes of this report, the scheme used by Hatch etal. Paleo-Indian/Early Archaic (16,000 BC – 5,000 BC): The Paleo-Indian Period encompasses the earliest indisputable evidence of human occupation of the North and South American continents.

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