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This is not my instrument but is the same as mine.... its a D100....early electric.....has an advert and pictures......Its serial number is #5277....has a write up on their for sale pages with more pics..... I am trying to date this one and mine Jim My Stream on Soundcloud Facebook Playing lately: 1923 Gibson A2 black snakehead -- Brentrup A4C -- 1915 Frank Merwin Ashley violin -- Huss & Dalton DS -- 1937 Gibson L-Century -- 1939 Gibson L-00 -- ca. 1923 Vega Style M tenor banjo -- Gibson TB-Junior page.I'm afraid i cannot see a connection between vega and Strad kind regards Bob just had a look at the strad-o-lins...are poor quality instruments by the looks.

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If it doesn' t show in Mike's stuff here is another set of numbers in different format.

These vegas are quality instruments as can be seen when you own one.

The one for sale is listed at 95 by Vintage insruments so they also agree that they are quality.

The more that exist, the more that pop up on ebay and other online sites.

There is a possibility I guess that Vega made the Strads or at least some of them, I just don't buy it.

I know these vega electric mandolins were made in the 1940's as mine displays two 1940's usa patent #'s one being for its truss rod...."neck straightener" The history of my instrument traces it back to being bought second hand in around 1956 .

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