Grand rapids speed dating events


This is especially important when we have a limited number of spots for an event.When tickets are involved we will have a pay by date and after that you are responsible to get your own ticket. Please use Comments for an event to ask questions about the event or comment on how the event impacted you once it is over.There are thousands of singles from the around the world looking for a long term relationship.Find love and romance with a Grand Rapids speed dating style of matchmaking.

You would be surprised at the amount of eligible singles available.

Our prayer is that those who join Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities would discover a deeper understanding of Christ’s love, find support when times are difficult, experience the wholeness of God’s healing and grow toward God’s intent in their life.

To those ends we have also formed a Meet Up site called Grand Rapids Christian Singles - Digging Deeper (see Grand Rapids Christian Singles - Digging Deeper at Grand Rapids, MI Meetup sites).

Grand Rapids is no stranger to large outdoor events, and if you are single, you shouldn't be either! So, if you meet someone over a drink, it is a quick transition to dinner or a show.

If you enjoy good weather, great music, and beautiful art, head downtown during a summer weekend to find people with similar mindsets.

With more and more people meeting online, having the website Grand Rapids in the countdown in a necessity.

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