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With that, I chose to make a script that supports blocking in battle.Shield block design mechanics are borrowed from World of Warcraft.

It's not my PSN avatar, instead it looks like something out of an anime series and at a loss for words why the Hell it's even present.So go on you'r Battlelog profile and there "Edith Profile" there you can find how to change you'r Profile pic.! from your Origin/EA profile itself, that you can edith on Origin, if you click on "My Account" and there check your settings! Greets, Travis the avatar I believe this fellow is speaking of.Greets, Travis(Please leave XP and accept it as Solution if it helped you) Thanks! I believe he has an undesirable in-game, on PS4, avatar he wishes to change.I will never ever and I think it's really cheap to not have your own avatar editing module. In order to have an avatar on this forum, we will be transitioning the use of Gravatar over from the Battlelog forums.This script introduces four new battler parameters for both actors and enemies: This tag allows the ability to block. Critical blocks provide a bonus to block value and block reduction rate when critical blocks occur. Block value directly subtracts damage from an attack when a block occurs.

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