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Adam means "ground." (see Genesis 2:7) Akiva Akiva shares the same letters as Yaakov (Jacob), meaning "held by the heel." The famous Rabbi Akiva lived in Talmudic times.

Aharon was known for "loving peace and pursuing peace." Aharon means "mountain" or "shining." (variation: Aaron) Abba Abba means "father." This name first gained popularity in the Talmudic era.

Amos Amos is one of the 12 minor prophets in the Bible.

Amos means "loaded" or "crowded," referring to his vast wisdom.

Ariel is another name for Jerusalem, and specifically the altar in the Holy Temple (Ezekiel ). Aryeh is the nickname given to Judah, as a blessing that he will be the tribe of Jewish kings (see Genesis 49:9).

Ariel is also the name of an angel with a mission of peace (Isaiah 33:7). The lion symbolizes a go-getter, who pounces on the opportunity to do a mitzvah (see Code of Jewish Law O. (variations: Ari, Arieh) Asher Asher means "blessed" or "fortunate." Asher is one of the 12 tribes, the son of Jacob.

The most famous Abba was a 4th-century Babylonian-born scholar who settled in Israel.

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