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I'm going to spare the long boring details and start with this. If you don't like it, then I guess you don't have to but don't tell me you don't like me just to prove your point.There is no need, you're going to get bad feed back and the block button is right... Almost like somedays more female oriented and other days manly. I dont remember it, however I do have a recurring dream about a very traumatic pain and excessive fear during a medical...I'm very glad to be here and share alittle about myself to you all!My name is Serena im 16 and in March 25 will be 17 i did my age as 18 when i joined,because i was restricted to what i can do,i'm half Chinese and half Japenese.parants and my 6 sisters and 2 brothers are...ok, i have left a few posts here, mabey a little to long, mabey to graphic, i cant say. You can't tell any one especially kids they don't understand. Gallivanting around with the picture of industrial revolution royalty.my life is really in turmoil, but i think that my attempts to express it so far are pushing away the help i need. I would be honored to be in a loving relationship with person born with both male and female parts. I got into a lot of fight at school due to other kids finding out about me having both sexes,the police were called in due to all the fights. I guess I deserve it if I can't even finish an Edith Wharton novel, "oh please don't take the sleeping pills, I'll sell Rip Van Winkles hat". for a long time i have known that i am so strange, that to ever find someone who could get past my disability, let alone help me deal with it, was about as crazy a thing to hope for as you could possibly come up with, nonetheless, i believed it could happen, and still do. in and out of bed now,losing wat er,good though,sad but good.shakng still..eating.drinkng water.I was born with testicles that they are inside my abdomen. They don't function very well but sadly enough to make me develop... Every song reminded me of Im sorry to say I cant move from this. I was born with male plumbing but by the time I got old enough to identify boys and girls I identified with females. I woke up today not blonde and beautiful,rich and healthy. Puffy eyed and head swollen from 3 days of a broken heart. I had energy today,came from out of nowhere as I was just drinking water.

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This way we know that the niches that apply to a cam performer are correct!You should never be embarrased about what you are be proud i think it is a great experience, I dont mind dating a hormophrodite beutifull.I Think you people are beutifull even though i am not a hormophrodite if some one talk crap about you tell them to go screw themselves.i have found some support, but im a greedy ***** and i want all the attention... I caemback to say I know how Herculne/Alex/Alxina felt now.She loved that girl so storng,she died for her.coldnt live any longer.pain was too much for .. people move on, get married, have children and I am just watching and just waiting when is my turn.Teller's little performance piece shows that he used to make me the literal sins of.

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