Hetalia romano dating sim


Like his brother, he has a wild long curl that acts as his erogenous zone, though it rests on the right side of his head, as opposed to the left.In most artwork and merchandise, he is shown to wear a khaki uniform in a different style than Italy's (and more similar to Spain's), with three-quarter-length sleeves. Ze awesome taste of zis stuff almost brings awesome tears to my awesome eyes. (Cut to a shot of a fresh bandage on Prussia's forehead with a fuming Germany in the background) You know, part of why I'm so awesome is because I drink beer.

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And on top of that, one of the colleagues that he saved frequently tried to take him out.But instead of that story we teach kids a version of pagan beliefs using a guy called Dyed Moroz, or Father Frost, who preforms witch-craft if you make dolls of him. I made this shirt after our king told Venezuelan to shut up! (Flashbacks to an image of Italy doing the exact same thing Romano just did) ITALIAN DYSLEXIA MUST RUN STRONG IN YOUR FAMILY! Anyway, super happy la-la to you and your inauguration, but I'm afraid ve consider it no more zan dried squirrel poop. But in the published manga and anime, he instead wears a virtually identical uniform.In his very first appearance in the webcomic, South Italy's shirt and belt were colored white, but were later shaded in dark. Start asking questions about my daring dudes already! So, if you truly are dead set on talking to me, bend this spoon with the power of your mind and I guess I can allow.

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